The Best Chocolate in Phuket: Barada Chocolate Factory Tour

There’s a magic when you step into a chocolate factory in Thailand. It’s something in the rich aroma and tropical climate, the melting chocolate being poured into molds, it’s simply a romantic experience. At Barada Chocolate Factory in Phuket, we’re blending our founder’s passion for the heritage found in cacao, with the lively local spirit and techniques from modern chocolatiers. Our chocolate shop is here as a home for all chocolate lovers, cacao aficionados, and curious families traveling the globe.

Phuket’s Premier Chocolate Shop

Luxury chocolate is sought after by many international travelers on a quest for incredible and memorable experiences. Our headquarters, the Barada Chocolate Factory, is located in the popular Rawai area of Phuket, and is open daily to provide the best experience to our community. Our products are sustainably sourced and locally produced, as our commitment to quality is constant. Whether you’re a local resident or traveler on the hunt for the most delicious morsel of chocolate in Thailand, visit our factory for a new world of flavors.

Artisanal Chocolate Making in Thailand

Our approach to chocolate making is rooted in tradition, absorbed by our Head Chocolatier, Khaled throughout his Youth. It’s through his unique lens that we harness the art of artisan chocolate making with both ancient techniques and modern innovations. A dedication to craftsmanship is at the heart of each bar of chocolate that we produce, from the premier ingredients to the precision of process. We want our chocolate to deliver an experience that goes beyond taste.

A Global Journey to Phuket’s Chocolate Paradise

The visionary spirit of Khaled, and his lifelong quest for that nostalgia inducing bite of chocolate, is what drives the experience behind every bar of Barada. His story spans from the ancient city of Old Damascus to the tropical island of Phuket, Khaled brings a world of flavors into each chocolate creation. His wealth of artisanal knowledge was formed over 24 years, bringing a diversity of tastes and fusion of cultures and stories.

Local Flavors, Global Quality: The Unique Taste of Barada Chocolate

We have a deep commitment to incorporate local Thai ingredients into our global quality products. From some of our cacao beans sourced in Chiang Mai, to organic nuts and spices, all ingredients are specifically selected to ensure sustainability and superior taste. No matter where you come from, you’ll taste the exceptional quality and flavor within each bite of Barada Chocolate.

Experience Phuket’s Luxury Chocolate Craftsmanship

We invite you to join us any day of the week, and visit the Barada Chocolate Factory for a chance to make your own chocolate bar, and enjoy the many treats on our menu. From the tastes of luxury chocolate in Phuket, to the learning opportunity for you and your family as you explore the art of chocolate making. You’ll get a glimpse into the process, from bean to bar, and see what goes into a bite of chocolate.

So join us in Rawai Phuket to see what makes Barada Chocolate the best chocolate in Thailand!

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