Handcrafted Luxury Chocolates Shop in Phuket, Thailand

Handcrafted Luxury Chocolates Shop

Elevate your chocolate experience with our handcrafted luxury chocolates from Phuket. With worldwide delivery, you can enjoy a taste of luxury from anywhere in the world.

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Handcrafted Luxury Chocolates Shop in Phuket, Thailand


Welcome to Barada Chocolate, headquartered on the beautiful island of Phuket, Thailand. Our journey began with the chocolate infused dreams of Khaled, our Head Chocolatier, whose deep passion for chocolate was sparked in the ancient city of Old Damascus. It was there, among the aromatic souqs and alongside the River Barada, that Khaled’s love for the finest ingredients and exquisite flavors took root.
Handcrafted Luxury Chocolates Shop in Phuket, Thailand

Chocolate Magic

At Barada Chocolate, we believe in the magic of chocolate as a universal language of love, luxury, and exploration. Our handcrafted chocolates are a gateway to both new and nostalgic experiences, blending the rich heritage of Old Damascus with the tropical bounty of Phuket and the best, most sustainably sourced ingredients from around Thailand and around the globe.


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